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Learning Program Management Services Can Include:

  • Targeted Content Development: Our learning experts can create programs mapped to your desired competencies with courses drawn from our extensive COTS library or custom-built content to meet your needs.
  • Instructional Services: We have the industry’s largest and most tenured pool of instructors, with an average student satisfaction rating of 95%. Use our instructors or let us train yours to deliver course content in person or online.
  • Training Logistics Services: Skilled technical support staff work behind the scenes to ensure that virtual courses are delivered flawlessly, wherever your students are located. Use our team of producers, or let us train yours.
  • Administrative Support: Secure, FedRAMP-compliant portals can be used to host curated content — ours or yours. A full suite of administrative tools allows you to control course scheduling, enrollment, reminders, reporting, and historical transcripts.
  • Community Outreach: From branded websites, to student newsletters, community groups, and targeted user guides, we can help you make sure that your employees are aware of the features and benefits of your learning program.
  • Related Staffing Support Services: In support of your learning program, we can provide staff augmentation services such as instructional system design placement and project management.

For more information on our approach to developing Learning Programs, call us at 888.545.8571

Learning Program Case Study

Supporting Veterans in Transition

The U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment and Training Service (DOL VETS) prepares America’s veterans, service members, and their spouses for meaningful post-service careers. The National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI) was established by DOL VETS to develop and enhance the professional skills of the providers who deliver these employment services to veterans. Management Concepts supports NVTI with an innovative learning program that includes virtual course delivery, a branded website, and a comprehensive learning platform.