Assessment We believe assessment is a fundamental function in the process of understanding talent management at your organization. We believe that if you cannot measure it, you cannot evaluate it. And if you do not measure where you are, you cannot plan where you need to go, or know when you have arrived.

What Assessments Can Do for You

Assessment informs all aspects of talent management at your organization. It is a critical step in planning human capital (e.g., employee selection, testing, training, performance management, and retention), organizational culture, change management, and performance improvement initiatives. By using assessments, Management Concepts provides structure, support, and planning to advance individual and organizational goals in talent management. Our team helps clients understand their organizational performance needs, and collaborates to create the right solution to meet those needs.

How We Work with You

For all talent management initiatives, Management Concepts uses a three-phase process. For all clients, we begin with an assessment of the current state. Next, we develop and support the completion of an action plan that will achieve the desired state. Lastly, in an evaluation phase, we confirm that we have met our clients’ goals. Assessment occurs within each phase, as described below.

Assessments Process Graphic

What You’ll Gain

By working with us, every organization receives a comprehensive assessment of their current state, and the metrics and analytics they need to determine how well they met their action plan. Because we are part of Management Concepts People and Performance Consulting, we can leverage our colleagues’ expertise in human capital, performance improvement, learning and development, culture, and change management to help ensure that organizations meet their goals – with the data to back it up.

Take the Next Step:

Assessment plays a critical role in all of our consulting services. To get a clearer picture of how our assessment strategies can help your organization, read through our consulting success stories to see how we’ve helped other clients. To discover how Management Concepts can help you achieve your individual, team, and organizational performance goals, contact us at 888.545.8571 or email for more information.