Coaching Commitments

Our Coaching Commitments to You

Coaching CommitmentsManagement Concepts understands that to achieve true, dynamic, and lasting impact from your coaching program, our partnership with you requires support in a variety of ways. Through each step of the engagement, we commit to fully supporting your investment in coaching both behind the scenes and in action with individual employees.

Qualifications of Management Concepts coaches include:

  • International Coach Federation MCC, PCC, ACC credentials
  • Coaching, training, and assessment instrument certifications
  • At least 10 years of relevant professional experience, particularly with senior levels of organizations and with individuals and groups
  • Related leadership development and organizational development expertise that support effective coaching
  • An established track record in coaching others to achieve desired results for performance improvement

Our Successes

We’ve engaged more than 1,500 coaching clients at all leadership levels including the Senior Executive Service, C suite, GS 15/14, supervisors, managers, team leads, and high potentials.

CheckUnderstanding What Success Looks Like for You:

By clarifying your specific, desired results at the outset of our partnership, we plan for true, attainable success. Understanding your expectations ensures your investment is maximized each step along the way.

CheckPartnership in the Solution That’s Right for You:

Whether you’re rolling out a culture change initiative or providing a leadership development program, our team partners with you to make sure that coaching is deployed at the right time to ensure optimal impact.

CheckTailored Coach-Client Matching:

Our team works to make sure that coaches and clients have the greatest chance for success. We recognize that style, personality, and diverse backgrounds are critical factors that contribute to the building of trust, buy-in, and commitment to the coaching process.

CheckCertified Coaches Experienced in Your Domain:

Federal, military, commercial, nonprofit; finance, manufacturing, healthcare, law; whatever your sector, our coaches can relate to your experience and still bring the fresh, outside perspective to take you and your organization to the next level.

CheckSix-Step Coaching Process Model:

Our coaching process model helps coaches and clients remain intentional about each engagement to ensure optimum benefit and desired results.

CheckTools and Resources to Support Each Engagement:

We communicate with program administrators and participants directly to make sure they understand expectations and what’s coming next.

CheckCustomized Evaluation of the Return on Your Investment:

Our in-house assessment team designs and delivers your customized evaluation of the coaching solution we’ve delivered – so you know the engagement was successful on your terms.

CheckOur Coaching Cadre:

We have a cadre of more than 50 coaches in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and key regional locations including, but not limited to: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, New York, and Denver.