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Group Training Solutions
for Teams of Any Size

Unlike our public ‘open enrollment courses’ our private group training programs can be tailored to address the needs of your team or agency, using your use cases and examples. With over 275 courses already built and available from our extensive COTS library we can create cost-effective training programs to meet your organizational needs. We can support a full range of customization, from a course delivered virtually or in-classroom and personalized by our tenured instructors, to a bespoke leadership program designed specifically to build competencies within your agency.

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Custom Content Development

Do you have a truly unique learning requirement that requires customized or custom content such as animated videos or microlearning? Our deep experience in educating the federal workforce with eLearning makes us an ideal choice. We have established a highly trained learning development team that is filled with experts in instructional design and our content domain industries. Our 40+ member team can create highly relevant content, matched to your agency’s processes, terminology, scenarios, and case studies.

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Learning Technology Solutions

Agencies with ongoing training and certification needs, a large or distributed employee base, or a desire for a more collaborative environment can benefit from a customized portal. Our Learning Technology team handles end-to-end deployments from design through administration, so you can pair our specialized courses with your content and branding on Cornerstone onDemand, the industry’s leading FedRAMP-compliant learning management platform.

Portals & Platforms

Beyond Group Training:
Human Capital Advisory Services

As the leading training provider in the public sector for nearly 50 years, we recommend several services that can enhance outcomes for individuals or groups. Whether you need simple knowledge- or skills-based assessments, coaching services, or support in planning a large-scale change management initiative, our experienced Human Capital Advisory Services team can assist you.

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Just for Training Officers & HR Professionals

Trying to coordinate training for a group? We are here to help! Check out our new ‘Buyer View’ link, designed especially for you, with views and information arranged to allow for quick decision making.

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