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Change Management

As a long-time service provider to the federal government, we know what is required to manage change effectively in the public sector. We provide a broad range of services to support change initiatives, both large and small.

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Talent Management

Federal agency leaders cite workforce recruitment, retention, alignment with mission, and sustained performance among their top 10 most serious management challenges. We can help you address these issues and determine how best to deploy your current workforce while identifying and building the talent needed for future success.

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When it comes to workforce development, having a solid grasp of the strengths of each team member is essential. We offer a full range of assessment solutions that can help any organization make more informed decisions about hiring, performance management, promotions, and succession planning.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is not simply for remediation — it is a powerful tool that can be used throughout your organization for anyone at any level who is ready to create personal and professional change. Our highly experienced and credentialled coaches are located across the country so they can work with you in-person or virtually.

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Culture Alignment

We help you examine and align the work and associated human behaviors with your mission, vision, values, and workforce capabilities required for future success. Our approach to culture alignment is to focus on one priority, challenge, or goal. We help you learn and demonstrate constructive behavior, so you see results quickly.

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Organizational Development

Our organizational development experts focus on improving our client’s capacity to handle internal and external functions and relationships. It involves focusing on improved interpersonal and group processes, more effective communications, and an enhanced ability to address a variety of different organizational problems. Our interventions are customized and are designed to assist teams, intergroup relations, or entire organizations.

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